Gandanta Nakshatra Concept in Vedic Astrology

Gandanta Nakshatra Concept in Vedic Astrology

gandanta nakshatra

Zodiac consists of 360 degrees of which for the sake of facility is further divided into 12 houses of 30 degrees each. It is again divided into 27 divisions of 13°20′ each called ‘NAKSHATRAS’ on ‘STAR’ or ‘LUNAR MANSION’ or ‘ASTERISMS’ Nakshatra starting from ‘Ashwini’ is the head of a particular group of star and ending with ‘Revati’.

Traditional Astrology describes that there are 27 segments of equal strength, which lies among the twelve basic signs/rashis. Each nakshatra has 4 charans, that way 27 X 4 = 108 charans, in total. If we divide its 12 Rashis (108/12) = 9 charans in each Rashi.

What is Gandanta Nakshatra?

The Gandanta points are located at the junctions of Pisces (Revati) and Aries (Ashvini), Cancer (Ashlesha), and Leo (Magha), Scorpio (Jyeshtha), and Sagittarius (Mula). Moon or ascendant at birth-time of a person located within 48 minutes of these points represents a spiritual knot that must be untied in a particular lifetime.
The term ‘Gandanta’ refers to a joining of the end and these joining of certain nakshatra like Revati & Ashwini; (27 & 1) = Ashlesha & Magha (9 & 10) and Jyestha & Moola is (18 & 19) referred to as ‘Nakshatra Gandanta Dosha’.

  • 16°40′ – 30°00′ (cancer)
  • 16°40′ – 30°00′ (scorpio)
  • and 16°40′ – 30°00′ (pieces)

Gand means a knot. Anta means the end. Gandanta means the knot at the end. A well-tied knot is that it is very difficult to unravel. The more you try to untie the knot, the tighter it becomes. Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves, a deep issue, which we are trying to reconcile with.
When planets are placed in these positions, then they face uncertainty as they try to unravel the secret knot that will take them on to the next level. These issues make themselves felt in the life of the individual, through personal relationships, traumatic events, or inner struggles. 

The gandanta always takes place between Water and Fire Signs and navamshas. Water and Fire- Agni and apas are two contrary elements. Fire can heat up the water and water can extinguish the fire. So negotiating this area of the chart is complex but it is also the area where the maximum spiritual development takes place. Any planet placed in gandanta is in a difficult position and will have to face material issues in regard to its house rulership and significations. 

Not only Chandra, but any Graha (planet) when occupy the last Navamsa of Jala Rasis or the first Pada of the Agni Rasis suffer from the Gandanta Dosha. This causes serious troubles to the significations to the Bhavas owned by the Graha. The Moon is the most influential – it is the mind and is also the ruler of all the Nakshatras. It’s the giver of life and its Soma feeds the beings. Hence, Moon is considered more in Gandanta. 

Classification of Gandanta

Classification 1

If birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta while a night birth during Gandanta is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.

Classification 2

⛰ Birth in Revati (Pisces) – Aswini (Aries) junction is called Swa (self) -Gandanta.
⛰ Birth in Aslesha (Cancer) – Magha (Leo) junction is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.
⛰ Birth in Jyestha (Scorpio) – Moola (Sagittarius) junction is called Pitri (father) Gandanta.


⛔The worshipping of the Lord of the Rasi is said to help to mitigate the effects of Gandanta birth. Since the problem lies in the juncture of two signs, the lord of the neighboring sign is referred to as the Adhi-Devata and the Lord of the Lagna / Rasi Nakshatra is the Pratyadhi-Devata.
⛔Gandamula nakshatra Shanti ceremony can be performed after the 27 days of the child’s birth when the moon will come back to the same nakshatra.
⛔Chant or listen to Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times every day.

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