Raj Yoga in Horoscope

Raj Yoga in Horoscope

There is a struggle in the life of many people. However, Raj Yoga is found in the horoscope of some people, benefitted by which the life of a person is full of happiness. Due to the presence of Raj Yoga in the horoscope, a person lives like a king. Such a person receives immense wealth.
The person whose Raj Yoga is found in the horoscope makes great progress in life without doing any special work. Let us explore in detail how many types of Raj Yoga are there in Vedic Astrology.

According to astrology

Raj Yoga is the king of all Yogas. Raj Yoga is explained with diversity in the horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, there are 32 types of Raj Yoga, but these 32 yogas are not found together in any person’s horoscope. If this happens then the person becomes Chakravarti world victorious.

About the major Raj Yogas and their presence:

Viprit Raj

This is a very effective Raj Yoga. When the lord of the sixth, eighth and twelfth house in the horoscope is in the sixth, eighth, twelfth house or your zodiac is located in these houses, and if your horoscope is in favor of the lord of an auspicious house, in such a situation the opposite Raj Yoga is formed. The person born in such yoga is rich, famous, and in a high position.

Gajakeshri Raj

If the Moon is in the Center or both the Guru and the Moon are in the center simultaneously, then Gajakeshri Yoga is formed. A person born in such yoga does a great job in life. Such a person acquires wealth, prestige in society.

Hans Raj

Such yoga is counted among the rare Yogas. If a person has Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini in the first house and Virgo in the 7th house and Virgo and Libra in the 10th house then Hans Raja Yoga is formed. A person born in such yoga is in a religious or spiritual position.

Buddh Aditya Raj

The presence of Sun and Moon together makes up Buddh Aditya Yoga. Such a person is as bright as the sun. Such a person gets success in politics.

Lakshmi Pati Raj

A person born in this yoga has immense wealth. When the Lunar Mars is together in a person’s horoscope, then Lakshmi Yoga is formed.

Ruchak Raj

The luck of a person born in this yoga always supports him. A person achieves success in life even without any special hard work.

Kubera Raj

A person born in this Yoga is always going to enjoy happiness and get fame in life.

Shash Raj Yoga

A person born in such a yoga gets a boost in business and job and works only in a high position throughout his life. If this Yoga is in the seventh house or tenth house then the person gets immense wealth.

Malavya Raj

A person born in this yoga is successful in the field of art. And such people get a lot of popularity in films or in the fashion world.

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