How can Rahu and Ketu affect your Horoscope?

How can Rahu and Ketu affect your Horoscope?


In this era, astrology has been considered the best means to get information about the future. Astrology is considered a great science. Predictions in it make it a science. However, some people believe it blindly and some people do not believe it at all.

Rahu-Ketu has been given great importance in astrology. Rahu-Ketu makes a great impact on a person’s life. In relation to Rahu, it is said that it governs the twelfth house of the horoscope, which has an impact on life.
It is also called a cruel planet, but if Rahu is strong in the horoscope then it also gives very good results. If Rahu is weak in the horoscope of the native, then the person becomes negative in his life.

The fourth house is the place of happiness in the horoscope. These houses include sin planets, Saturn, Rahu, Mars, etc. The planets of the fourth house are the Moon and Mercury, if the Moon and Mercury are also under the influence of the sin planet, then the native is mostly under stress.

Among the constellations, Rahu, Adra, Swati, and Shatabhisha are the lords of the constellations. Rahu planet is also called the shadow planet.
One effect of Ketu on life is that it makes the nights sleep worse. Obstacles in the birth of children, planetary diseases, problems related to children are all due to the ill effects of Ketu.

Rahu is the in-laws’ factor, its heavy effects have a bad impact on relationships with the in-laws.
A person in Rahu’s condition becomes a cheater. Due to which his progress is stopped, Rahu is heavy means bad thoughts in the mind. Enmity in vain, injury is the result of all the side effects of Rahu.
Where Rahu-Ketu is good, it develops in Native litterateur, scientist, etc. Another good effect of this is it results in Raja Yoga of one’s horoscope.

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