Horoscope/ Kundli Matching for Marriage

Horoscope/ Kundli Matching for Marriage

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope/Kundli Matching mainly focuses on marriage compatibility factors (only attribute matches are not horoscope matches) These factors have a very important role before and after marriage.

And it should be on a broad basis, but why? Also, you will realize from further reading that this blog is not only for those who are interested in or want to get married. Rather it is also for those who are already married and facing difficulties in their married life. Most of the problems after marriage are due to these compatibility reasons!

Common reasons for error while getting married

Sometimes, we get married based on our close friendship, social circle, friendship, parental leanings, occupational reasons, or the like. In many such cases, we go for chart matching for marriage, but not extensively. People usually go for matching general/stereotype computerized Gun Milan. And sometimes the horoscope is not matched at all. Later we start facing compatibility unrest and many conflicting issues so that we do not miss resorting to threats like mistrust or divorce.

Those wishing for marriage should know what they should look for wider marriage eligibility. And due to the stir in the current married life, married people should see what factors may be relevant in their case. We are quite sure, this blog will help you.

The elements considered in Horoscope matching are:

  • Constellation matching or Octal matching
  • Planetary compatibility
  • Sentiment compatibility
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Financial compatibility
  • Family compatibility
  • Mutual respect compatibility
  • Humility compatibility
  • Mars compatibility

All these points are taken care of in the elaborate or Poorna Vedic Match Making and after this, we find an innocent and internal relationship that has the mutual ability to survive.

Planetary Compatibility

  • Planets that play an important role in deciding the Lord of the horoscope.
  • Position of Moon in both horoscope.
  • Owner of 7th House in the horoscope
  • Venus
  • Jupiter
  • Positions like 6/8, 1/13, 2/12 are not considered favorable. Similarly, the combination of internal evil planets in the sentient sense is also not considered auspicious for marriage purposes.
    For example, the conjunction of Mars and Sun or the combination of Sun and Rahu and Ketu or Saturn or Mars in the family expressions (2,4,7,8 and 12) is not considered good.

This method of horoscope matching can be done effectively when a practicing astrologer has some practical experience. After being satisfied that the planets have given their blessings for marriage, the next compatibility is to see the compatibility of the sentiment.

Those who have just relied on the constellation Milan are aware that the marriage chart matching the date of birth has been evaluated with 36 virtues and has been approved for marriage. But this statement will tell them why Ashtakoot matching is not the only basis of horoscope matching.

Our final advice on marriage compatibility

Those who want to get married should also know that marriage is not a marriage but a decision of 2 persons’ families and generations to come. This is a big lifetime decision so take 30 minutes for yourself but in the right time and right state. Therefore, before getting married, do the right type of chart matching or quality matching with a good astrology consultant and get all the worldly benefits from it.

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I got married in dec 2015 and it was shadashtak yog in our kundali..
DoB 2/8/1983
TIME 5:15 PM
PLACE MUMBAI,Maharashtra

DoB 29/8/1984
Time 6:55pm
Place pune Maharashtra


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