Determining Financial condition from horoscope

Determining Financial condition from horoscope

Finance in Horoscope

Money is an indispensable factor in leading a happy and stress-free
life. Some may easily accumulate wealth and enjoy financial stability
despite doing less work, while others may find it difficult to save even
meagre amounts, though they slog all their lives.

According to Hinduism, idols of Lakshmi Ganesh made from Ashtadhatu are considered very auspicious. Worshipping the statue of Lakshmi Ganesha means brings in health, wealth & happiness in the house. When lord Ganesha removes the miseries of his devotees, then there is wealth and
prosperity in life with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess
Lakshmi and Ganesha ashtadhatu idols are considered a symbol of
prosperity and peace.


2nd House (House of Finance/Money)

Signifies wealth creation, assets, and possessions.

9th House (House of Luck and Fortune)

Represents fortune and luck.

11th House (House of Gains)

Prominently signifies gains and fulfilment of desires. The 11th house
indicates income and gains, prosperity, profits, and abundance.

6th House

the 6th House denotes debts and loans, and the 12th House represents expenses and loss of income. These two Houses are also important in determining your financial fortune.

The planets which are important in determining your financial position
according to horoscope are


What you attract and how you earn money, as the natural ruler of the 2nd
house it’s position is significant.The placement of Venus in a chart
can reveal quite a bit about your ability to attract money. If Venus is
in favourable aspect to a ruler of a “money house” (the second or
eighth house) or is found in such a house, this is a good sign that your
ability to attract money is high.
Look to where your Venus is in your chart for information about how you
attract and earn money.


Fortune, luck, abundance and expansion – the position of Jupiter is
significant especially if in the 2nd or 8th house.
Look to where Jupiter is in your chart for information about how you can
be abundant, lucky and experience expansion.


In this world that is highly driven by commerce, it is important to have
the positive influence of planet Mercury in life as this planet
signifies transactions and business. Mercury is a planet that gives very
fast results and hence it is seen that people who have a favourably
positioned Mercury in their horoscopes, accumulate wealth very quickly
in their lives!


Make things real, provides stability and long-term wealth
potential.Placement in the 2nd or 8th house is seen as a strong
contributor to accumulating wealth.
Look to Saturn in your chart for information about where you need to
work hard for the big money pay-off.

These are some of the principles or yogas for checking financial
prosperity in the horoscope:

  • A native is very lucky regarding money if Jupiter is placed in his/her own sign or exaltation sign. Jupiter is recognised as the most beneficial planet in the entire zodiac.
  • The presence of Lords of the 1st, 2nd and the 11th houses in their respective houses makes a person extremely rich.
  • Jupiter conjuncts with 2nd Lord and Mercury.
  • Presence of Jupiter and Venus in exaltation sign is considered great for promoting financial status.
  • The 2nd, 9th, and 11th house or Lord if are placed well they indicate gain from investments.
  • The connection of 5th and 9th Lord to any of the houses of 2,5,8,11,5,9 indicates good Dhan yoga and may give good returns.
  • The Lord of the ascendant in 2,5,8,11,5,9 houses along with the Lord of these.
  • Jupiter placed in ascendant and aspected by Lords of the 2nd,5th,and 9th house also indicates success in the stock market investment.
  • The connection of the 5th lord to 2nd house and the 9th, 11th house or the connection of 9th lord to 2nd, 11th or 5th house also gives earning in speculations, more so if the ascendant lord is also placed in one of these houses.

Strength of the planets is an important factor for determining the
Magnitude of wealth you will hold. We need to check the strength of the
planet from some special ascendants, such as Arudha Lagna, Indu Lagna, and Sree Lagna.

Finally the running Mahadasha and timing factor plays a major role in
determining your finances. Like a strong beneficial Mahadasha/antardasha of 11th house can give good earning prospects,2nd house can give good savings and assets and so on.

Any connection of planets between 11th and 12th house/lords through
exchange,aspect, nakshatra,etc can give earnings as well as expenditures in its Mahadasha.

A simple remedy for those who are going through financial troubles

Lord Ganesha is for stability and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi blesses
with financial abundance and wealth.So if you are having severe
financial trouble of saving money then worship Lord Ganesha as it will
enrich the effects of your 2nd house(stability) and if there is problem
in earning then worship Goddess Lakshmi as it will make your 11th house
strong surely.

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