Birth Date Revealing Your Personality

Birth Date Revealing Your Personality

Numerology is a study, through which the attempts are made to know the personality and future of a person by means of numbers. It involves using basic mathematical knowledge, to present basic details of different aspects of a person, ideology, topics of life, etc..

Herein Numerology, an Expert Numerologist forecasts future on the basis of the nine planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Mars. However, in luring words, it is a mystical companionship of Numbers and life events of a person.


Moolank that is the sum of your Birth Numbers explores all about your Personality. A sum of numbers, of a person’s birth date, is Moolank or Life-Path Number. For Example: If a person is born on dates like 7, 25 or 16 then his/her Moolank will be 7.

Lets know what your Moolank says about you?

Moolank 1

Natives having No.1 as their Moolank are successful person. You will get respect and fame in the society. You are always ready to support others. You will achieve great in the social sector.

Moolank 2

A person with sum of their Birth Date as 2, has to struggle more in life. You are of Political nature. However, you see lack of consistency. You get success in import and export related business.

Moolank 3

Natives with Moolank 3 have to struggle more to get success in career. However, stability remains in your workspace.

Moolank 4

Do not easily befriend someone with Base number 4, play honestly if they do. Women of Moolank 4 face obstacles in relationship. If your number is 4 then you should keep distance from the stock market.

Moolank 5

Natives with Base Number 5 are lucky. You get respect and recognition in society. You are of positive thinking and therefore lay the foundation of success in every field.

Moolank 6

No. 6 shows Entertainment. Natives having 6 as their Base Number will achieve success in the field of entertainment, designing and art and lead a luxurious life.

Moolank 7

These natives should step up carefully in every field, as this Namank is suitable for only a few people. In this, the people belonging to the field of art and literature get success.

Moolank 8

The natives with Moolank 8 are of a religious nature. They Carry out their responsibilities well. However sometimes they get caught in a rough scandal.

Moolank 9

These natives love to live life on their own. Being a very open minded, don’t accept distraction from any side. They are very creative and focused a lot towards their goals.

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