Suicide or Murder? Sushant Singh Horoscope Analysis

Suicide or Murder? Sushant Singh Horoscope Analysis

sushant singh rajput

Sushant Singh Birth Details

21 January 1986 – 14 June 2020

Birth Time: 12:00

Birth Place: Patna


Astrological Facts and Combinations in his Horoscope

Shushant Singh Rajput is Aries ascendant, having Lagna lord in Mars in 7th house. Both Lagna and Lagna lord are in Rahu/Ketu axis.

Venus being 7th house lord is  placed in 10th house  and is heavily affected by Jupiter, Sun, also aspected by Saturn and Mars

The fifth house of love is aspected by Rahu and Saturn and the lord sun is in enemy sign affected/aspected by Mars, Saturn and Venus.


Life Overview

Suicide is a tragedy, as the saying goes, it not at all a solution to a temporary problem. According to the zodiac signs Sushant Singh had a wonderful carrier. Sushant’s wonderful performance in Kedarnath bagged all appreciations of the year. He was working with the big producers like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra. All are creative work made him famous, other than acting he was interested in astronomy. He always talked about outer space and living on the moon.

…He was a common man star because from a city like Patna he made his own place in the television industry and from television he made entry to the big screen without a god-father, his perseverance and hard work made him a successful star.

Sushant Singh Rajput always followed his idol Shahrukh khan. Both were intelligent and good in studies. Sushant was amongst the top rank holder of the IIT JEE exam. Sushant was an enthusiast in learning new skills, coding, martial arts, and many more.

Murder or Suicide?

Suicide is not always the option there are ups and downs in everyone’s life Sushant Singh being the fighter in his life who lost his mother at a young age and gone through all the hardship in building his own carrier. There are very strong combinations of his stars which suggest a very weak and & sensitive mind due to Moon’s affliction.

Most Aquarius are introvert, having a very less social life, their inclination towards suicide is more. His stars indicate that he was depressed and rumors state that he was cornered in the Bollywood industry. As he was not having a  God-father in Bollywood he was not invited in the big celebrities parties and may big productions house had stopped working with him. This may be the sole reason for suicide.

Astrological Conclusions

Summing  Up it all we can conclude that despite his strong inclination to love and Relationships he will have disappointments one after another. He will not be successful in love relationships.

The moon is alone in the second house. He was going through adverse transits, and Dasha was not too favorable either. Aspect from Saturn and Mars causing intermittent depression and thus acute Suicidal tendencies.

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