AstroSOLV – Solve Your Everyday Mystery

AstroSOLV – Solve Your Everyday Mystery

AstroSOLV, an Astrologer Integrator Platform launched to decode solutions to all your life long problems, with 200+ handpicked Astrologers, Numerologists, Life Coaches and Tarot Readers on their platform.

AstroSOLV provides connectivity to individuals with over 200 astrology advisors to make predictions for numbers of life burning questions like When will I get my first job? Is my partner right for me? When will I get married? AstroSOLV planning to serve users globally in every walk of their life. Their main drive is to bring trust worthy astrological services for masses, at very affordable cost and at the same time maintaining the accuracy and precision in services.

Vipin Kaushik, Founder & CEO AstroSOLV said “I always had an analytical mindset which made me perfect for Engineering. In my engineering college days in New Delhi, almost as if the cosmic Universe brought us together by chance, I accidentally came across the book “New Dimensions in Hindu Astrology” which really intrigued me. I ended up reading it for longer than I expected.
The way it explained Astrology as a Science based on calculations and having its direct correlation with Planetary positions and the Cosmos attracted me and reinforced my belief in the higher power of Astrology.”

Vipin continued “this experience had such a huge impact on my impressionable mind of 19 that I ended up tracking down the Author- S.K Mehta. An engineer myself, i was able to explain this mystic Science to my objective understanding. I started visiting him more and more often, sometimes over the weekends and learnt a lot about Astrology from him. Initially, I adopted it as a hobby. Eventually, I came across many people who had the same interest in Astrology as me. Many that I could learn from and many that I imparted my knowledge to.”

… I worked in the Telecom Industry with Vodafone, France Telecom, British Telecom, Bharti Airtel, etc. for 20+ years. But I always knew that eventually I would like live my passion to Astrology and serve the masses. So, I did. I opted out of my corporate career as Head IT, Vodafone and founded AstroSOLV.

Uniqueness About AstroSOLV

Astrologers in retail are often found misleading the customers by providing false analysis/ predictions with their incomplete knowledge; such victimized customers feel directionless, and get demotivated/ depressed. Thus, many people end up disbelieving Astrology. With AstroSOLV, we decided to keep two things our topmost priority

1. Selection of Best Astrologers in Industry

We have an expert recruitment team that reaches out to the best Astrologer in India, and we make them go through multiple case studies and interviews, to assess their prediction ability and communications skills.

2. Customer Satisfaction

A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.” To protect the privacy of users, we assure completely private and confidential communication. Also, we are bringing the refund commitment to a new level.

Our Team

AstroSOLV is a team of creative problem solvers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. With a culture that celebrates learning, we also embrace learning from our mistakes. We believe that our growth is directly linked to the growth of our team members.

Everyone is encouraged to experiment, share ideas and be enthusiastic in trying something innovative – it may be technological innovation, strategies in customer support or in our content offerings. In short, we are a team of self-starters who have immense ownership of what we put out there.

Connect With India’s Best Astrologer: Download AstroSOLV App

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