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Delivering promise every time is our objective

Why Should I Consult an Astrologer?

Stucked somewhere & Its going hard for you to get rid of these problems? An Astrologer can guide you with best of his knowledge and efforts. The Astrological analysis and Guidance will surely change your life. Get Guidance from India's Top Astrology Consultants regarding issues in Love and Relationship matters, Marriage issues, Education, Health, Career, Foreign Travels and Settlements etc. AstroSOLV is here with the most effective and consolidated astrology solutions in order to provide you with the service of Online Consultation with Astrologer. Solving your Everyday Mystery! If your mind is full of plenty of questions like When Will I get married? Which Gemstone should I wear? Will I get my Job back? Get easy and quick solutions for all such queries with our handpicked:

Talk to Astrololger Online

How awesome it will be to get your daily life issues to be resolved over a phone call? AstroSOLV is here with a panel of trusted astrologers to connect over a telephone call, draft your chart and provide you with guidance cum predictions for your future. Sometimes, it's not easier for users to connect on chat and few of them are not comfortable with the same also. Voice Call gives a very different and unique experience. So, in order to make your conversation more smoother AstroSOLV brings Talk to Astrologer on Phone. You can have a connection as on a normal phone call, an astrologer already having your birth details will draft your chart and make predictions. Users can have hassle free communication in order to get to the point predictions along with remedial solutions as per their horoscope/kundali. For Gem suggestions, Gemologists are also there to suggest you with proper gemstones to wear and the procedure to follow for getting better results from a particular gem. Monitoring your kundali not only explores you, it also helps astrologers guide you how you should act/behave to tackle your issues and a lot more things about people surrounding you like relatives, friends, colleagues etc. So, need not to be worried about problems, just have a visit to the AstroSOLV app or website and a quick call for proper resolution.

Online Chat with Astrologer

Wish to have a detailed and very confidential converstaion with astrologer over phone? You must have to opt Chat with Astrologer on AstroSOLV. Having more than 100+ Active Astrology consultants, we bring a very smooth and light experience over chat session when u connect an astrologer. One can have a detailed conversation with privacy and confidentiality maintained over a chat session.

Different Types of Astrology and Consultant available on AstroSOLV:

AstroSOLV offers you consultations from a wide variety of Astrology Consultants having expertise in multiple astrology techniques:

  1. Vedic Astrology: Most precised and widely used techniques of astrology. Charts are drafted based on the birth details of natives and Moon Sign is given importance. Predictions are done after analysing multiple parameters like Mahadshass and Antardashas, placement of a specific planet and its movement in a particular house.
  2. Nadi Astrology: Originated from Southern Parts of Indian Subcontinent. Use of Nadi Astrology is majorly done for personal details and chahrterstics analysis. When it comes to future predictions, its not much accurate as compared to Vedic System of Astrology. Analysis for Kundali Milan, Guidance like Business options, Career Options can be done with accuracy in Nadi System.
  3. Prasanna Kundali: Being a part of Vedic System of Astrology; Prasanna Kundali is used to answer a particular question very randomly. It depends upon the time and place the question was asked. Most of time Prashana kundali is very accurate to provide you with exact answer of questions. Queries like Lost Items, Missing Persons, and Direction analysis can be precisely answered.
  4. Tarot Card: Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards to interpret them for this end.
  5. Numerology: By understanding that everything in the world is dependent on, and can equate to numbers, a numerologist can take multiple elements of a person and break them down into meaningful numbers through various methods. It is believed that there are no coincidences in the Universe that your name and birthday affect the journey that you will take and your characteristics, in the same way, that some look at horoscopes or astrology to interpret signs or destinies.

Regular Horoscopes & Zodiacs Predictions:

Horoscope is just not there to make future predictions and forecast. One can use them as a guide. What to do and When to do? What will suits best to us? all this can be taken care of with the help of horoscope analysis. One can make horoscope reading as a regular part of their life to put out best of himself. Changing Dashas and Planets changing placements always help to move us in the right directions if analyzed in detail.

Why Choose AstroSOLV Astrologers?

Consultants on AstroSOLV are handpicked and appointed after multiple test rounds. Having not only good communication skills but a detailed knowledge of astrology and horoscope analysis is a must to have. Predictions done are precise and they are advised to have make predictions only after in depth analysis of charts. Tarot cards reader are too advised to have a detailed study of chart.

FAQs Section

Is astrology accurate?

Astrology is not just an art but its a science which is based on calculations. Number of parameters based on which calculations are to be done is high. More perfect the calculation will be, more accurate are predictions. Birth details of natives have also a major role during the draft of chart. A single minute of difference in birth time can cause a huge difference in predictions. SO, Astrology and Predictions are accurate to a large extent only there is a need of right birth details and an expert to make calculations.

Why Should I choose AstroSOLV for Zodiac Predictions?

Consultants on AstroSOLV platform have great and years of expertise in the same domain. Reading of 1000s of charts make their accuracy level more strong. They are advised and trained to get the in-depth analysis of charts and make predictions then after. Unlike other platforms, astrologers here have a personal bond with the users they are serving and they actually feel exactly the issue customer is facing. Knowledge of Dashas and Houses gives a sharpness to their predictions and guidance really proved to helpful in future.

How Can Online Astrology from AstroSolv Help me in the Prediction of my future?

These are not just predictions but to a certain level these are guidance. As astrologer being available on fingertips, every major decision can be made after having a suggestion from Expert. Most of the daily life things and complexities can be easily lined up on having a phone session at AstroSOLV. Your Investments, future planning, relationships can all be deal with astrology now.

What type of questions can I ask to the Astrologer online?

From Zero to Hundred... Astrology has answer to all your questions. Either it comes to daily life or predictions like marriage, love -relationships, career, education, business, investments all can be sorted and answered in Astrology. The main benefit is to get forecast and plan earlier for futre. As prevention is always much important than cure.

Is there any time limit for Online Astrology Consultation?

No, there is not any particular time limit. But it take time for astrologer to draft your chart and go through it. So, please be patience during conversation either on phone or call. A hard and fast can prediction might be proved to be wrong. It generally takes 3-4 minutes to draft chart and go through regarding a issue. Users can keep their wallet recharged and have a long discussion. The more long the discussion will be, more of your doubts will be sorted.

Are Astrology Prediction susceptible to change?

Yes, Predictions can be changed or you can say that they can be wrong. As already shared that the calculations are to be done. More precise the prediction more better will be the predictions and their accuracy level. Also, even a single minute of difference in birth chart could result in change of chart and placement of planets. Manual errors are also possible few of the times. But Astrologers try to point out the best ever possible.

Where can I buy astrological products online?

AstroMall is a subsidiary of AstroSOLV having a variety of astrology products. One can easily go through the categories like Rudrakshas, Mala, Yantras, Mantras and Feng-Shui Items, and opt for those items. We have a huge collection of astrology items which are authentic as well as genuine. Wide variety of Gemstones gives users access to scroll through and buy as per their requirements. AstroSOLV provides support and delivery for the relevant products along with a lab proof of their authenticity.

What are the benefits of having an astrology consultation?

Bright Solution for a bright future is what astrology consultations provides. Healing up your relationship issues, pointing to best and profitable business/ career options, right vastu tips is all those things that an astrology consultation benifies to you. A small decision always impacts your future. So Astrology is always here to make these small decisions more perfect and organized to have a great outcome in future.

What is the best place to check kundali in minutes?

Unlike other kundali platform, AstroSOLV Kundali provides you a detailed and personalized solution to your horoscope. We have all the charts there to take proper eye over different aspects of life using D-Charts. Kundali, Dasha Analysis, Period - Subperiod analysis and change of houses by different planets can all be done using the kundali service at AstroSOLV. The best thing, is that it is fully personalized as calculated on your birth date and time.

Will my chats be visible to anyone else except Astrologers?

Privacy and Confidentiality of users data and conversation is our utmost priority. AstroSOLV guarantees 100% of users data secrecy. For your confirmations, Chats are encrypted and can only be read by astrologer and users. In case if user raises any conflict regarding the chat conversations; the Support and Audit team is allowed to take audit the chat sessions on special permissions only.


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